Voxel Mech Head 1: VF-1D Valkyrie

After Ben Weatherall (Crossy Road)  followed me on Twitter the other day, and after seeing a few other fellow artists  at UbiTor  create some cool stuff in Qubicle 2.0, I decided to fire it up and try my hand at some Voxel Art. I thought making some Mech heads might be interesting to re-create with Voxels.

My first attempt here is from one of my favorite properties, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.  This is the VF-1D Valkyrie, a two-seater variant of the VF-1 Variable Fighter. These machines were operated by UN Spacy during Space War I against the Zentradi.

The VF-1 was created by the renowned Japanese mecha designer, Shoji Kawamori. He was also responsible for many famous designs featured in Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell, Mobile Suite Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, among many others.

Stay tuned for more Voxel Art, and hopefully more Mecha heads!