MSN-18E Kämpfer II PBR Gallery

The MSN-18E Kämpfer II was a Prototype Mobile Suit for Newtypes created by the Neo-Zeon "Sleeves". The Kämpfer II was utilized as a Heavy Assault Use Mobile Suit meant to take out strategic military targets with overwhelming force.  

The MSN-18E Kämpfer II was built to full-fill a similar role for Neo-Zeon in U.C. 0095 as its predecessor did for the Principality of Zeon in U.C. 0079. It was meant to honor the heritage of the original Prototype YMS-18 Kämpfer and its variants (MS-18E Kämpfer) for the role they played in U.C. 0079 and beyond. It carries the same model number and designation 18E Einhauen (One Strike).

The MSN-18E was custom built with parts from the AMS-129 Geara Zulu and spare phycoframe and powerplant parts from the MSN-06S Sinanju and the NZ-666 Kishatriya

I built the MSN-18E's head to practice some PBR Texturing Methods and to learn Substance Painter!

MSN-18E Kämpfer II was my own design  of a Neo-Zeon "Sleeves" era upgraded  MS-18E Kämpfer. 

I used Zbrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag 2Check back soon when I can hopefully 3D print this!